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Beautiful Street Music for Everyone!

The NOCH Sound Scene “Buskers” is ideal for drawing even more attention to true-to-life everyday scenes. When you’re shopping in town, you often come across a group of musicians or an individual musician in the pedestrian zone who want to enchant passersby with their music. The singer, trumpeter, guitarist, accordion player and many other musicians join up here and make music together. Passersby are delighted and donate a little something. Great everyday scenes that should not be missing from any model landscape.

Sound is coming out of there!
Breathe some life into your model landscape!

Thanks to the compact design of the NOCH Sound Scenes’ electronics and loudspeakers, sound emerges where it comes from in the original. The ready-to-connect electronics can be installed in churches or the Buskers element can be placed directly in a city building next to the band.
You will be surprised how much more realistic a sound sounds when it occurs in the middle of the action.

Can be connected to a standard 16 V model railway transformer. Suitable for AC and DC.

To connect the sound module to a power source, connect the black cable directly to one of the two light outputs on the transformer. The red cable is connected to the other light output on the transformer. The sound is now continuous. If desired, you can make the sound switchable. A switch or control panel (not included) can be used for this purpose. Interrupt the electric circuit with this on/off switch on the red cable.

Note: the volume is not adjustable. If you find the sound too loud, you can order a resistor (ref. 91900) for retrofitting.

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