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Single-track, curved,
41 x 37 cm, 20 cm high,
clearance height 9.3 cm,
suitable for R1 or R2

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Recreate Idyllic Train Lines

A model railway line without a tunnel is like a locomotive without any carriages! If you want to introduce some variety to your railway line in a simple way, tunnels are the best solution. It isn’t just children that are fascinated by the sight of a train disappearing into one end of a tunnel and appearing on the other! The NOCH “Corner Tunnel” is ideal for designing any train landscape with even more realistic details. The train makes its way through deep valleys, dense mountain ranges or open patches of landscape. The curved Corner Tunnel is ideal for designing an even more varied train route and putting it in the spotlight. A tunnel is needed through rocky mountains, dense forests or underpasses of water to allow the train to reach its destination safely. Brilliant, realistic scenes which can be recreated in a simple fashion using Tunnels from NOCH.

NOCH Tunnels make it particularly easy for you: they are handpainted in natural colours, covered with grass, and usually also have additional decoration. NOCH Tunnels are also ideal parts of the landscape for first model landscapes.

  • Zusatzinformation

    EAN 4007246051304
    Gewicht 285 g
    Breite 370,00 mm
    Länge 410,00 mm
    Höhe 200,00 mm

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